Xania Treestop

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Xania Treestop


Xania Treestop is an eccentric oracle, best known for an impressive array of hats and personalities that both shift in response to the visions Xania receives. Xania is the main character of the mature-readers comic series "Now You See Them..."

In the Narcosis Comics series "Ex Libris," sequel to "Coven Prime," Xania investigates a number of shadowy rumors in the city, including the stolen volumes from the magical library, the unburied dead rising en masse, and attacks by fae moon court assassins. Xania works more or less willingly with Anna Kogotov, Silas LeBeau, and Cenobia Palmiras. Xania was last seen helping Cenobia fend off moon court assassins (focused as much on protecting Cenobia's slick chauffeur Stephen as on protecting the fae herself).

Xania Treestop was a PC played by Pearl in Jim Crocker’s Urban Shadows game in July 2019.