Venus Flytrap

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Venus Flytrap

Venus Flytrap

It was the Bronze Age when Yuuranic Krull came to New Gauntlet City. One of the Spore Children of the American Empire, plant-humanoids that thrive off the rare waters and fertile soil of the dimension. When the Empire touched ours the Spore Children sought to colonize and take the abundant resources of our Earth. Yuuranic was killed during the Spore Child invasion, their heart seed landing in Hollowed Park. Creme Silq planted Yuuranic's Heart Seed and raised the Spore Child in New Gauntlet City, changing their outlook on the world and biology with pure water, soil, and love.

Yuuranic Krull identifies as agender and asexual, and they are the sibling of every adopted child of House Silq and seek to protect their fleshy family at all costs.


  • Plantlike Biology
  • Plant control/speech
  • Flight
  • Regenerative Immortality

Masks Custom Moves[edit]


  • Hopeless
  • Insecure


  • Stand tall and unblemished with a confused look on your face.
  • Threaten structural stability with rampant, raw plant growth.


Member of the Dead End Queens


Modern Generation