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Vector, aka Taurus Galani, was a participant in the PRIME SUMMER PROGRAM along with his time-traveling string theory counterpart, Joule. The two, affectionately and sometimes not-so-affectionately known as the Time Twins, were two future versions of one individual, the child of Biff Roberts. Taurus believed himself to be from a darker timeline and had been sent back by his father to make sure that Biff and Taurus's mother stayed together, because in his world that break-up caused the darker timeline, according to Taurus's father at least. Taurus and Joule found each other and began to work together to assure the best timeline as they saw it. While Joule actually focused on their father's dating life, Vector became distracted by his hero worship of Jack Flash, until he managed to sort out his jumbled memories long enough to be horrified by what he realized Jack might become in his dark future. The Time Twins did come together later to attempt to help their father get together with hopefully the right person, but it did not end well, as their team lost patience with the interventionary tactics of the twins, leaving both twins flying off into the night, and kind of kidnapping their dad in the process.


Modern Generation