Undertaker's Brew

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Undertaker's Brew is New Gauntlet City’s certified organic pale ale.

Undertaker's Brewery (located in Undertaker's Row) brews it with a classic west-coast hop combo of Cascade and Simcoe, creating a tasty, aromatic ale with a clean hoppy finish. Pale Ale is the iconic craft beer style that changed the beer scene forever in America. Enjoy it now here at home, brewed fresh at Beau’s year-round.

Tasting Notes

Undertaker's Brew pours sunset-gold with intentional slight haziness and a white foam. The hop aromas offers fruity citrus and berry. The initial rush of malt sweetness gives way to firm hops that sweep in and suggest another sip. This medium-bodied ale is well balanced. The finish is clean and mildly hoppy.