Twilight Orchestra

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The Twilight Orchestra is a mysterious cult operating within New Gauntlet City.

This group believe in a prophecy involving their Dark Madonna, a figure believed to have the power to "sing humanity to sleep." Through decades long machinations, spells and social engineering, they believed to have produced this messiah of theirs. Until she comes of age, ready to fulfill her destiny, they work to safeguard her from the world.

They are surprisingly well-armed, well-sourced and hard to pin down.


  • Mel Chambers, the aformentioned Dark Madonna, currently living in New Gauntlet City
  • Cadenza (Alicia Chance), former troubleshooter turned hero-for-hire
  • Delilah Knight, current troubleshooter/handler of Mel
  • Cecelia Knight, former archivist
  • Olivia, cellist who made a Faustian bargain that involved playing a rehearsal of the final symphony
  • Moonlight Sonata, a double- or triple-agent for the Orchestra, AEON, and the KBI
  • Fermata (Cameron), a trainee raised in the Orchestra, currently studying in the School of Hard Knocks
  • Sforzando, current 'face' for the Orchestra in New Gauntlet City's criminal underworld
  • The Conductor, overall spymaster and Fermata's adoptive mother


  • Monsterhearts 2: Super Juvie
  • Gauntlet Con 2019: Hit the Streets
  • Sunset Kills: Break the Darkness
  • Hearts of Wulin: The Celestial Tournament
  • Masks: School of Hard Knocks