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Trixter (Modern)


Rachel Rose-Brinkman, a.k.a. Trixter, is currently a patient at the Maniae Asylum for the Criminally Insane. She has been there for the last three years. Trixter has the ability to mentally control the motor functions of individuals within her range of perception. This form of mind control most often presents itself in physical control of the targeted individual, not unlike driving a car, wherein Trixter (the driver) has complete control over the motor functions of the individual (the car). Once she "connects" with the individual, she maintains control until they have somehow broken free, through sheer force of will, until she loses consciousness, or until she relinquishes control back to the target. She has been observed controlling more than one target simultaneously, however the exact limit to the number of targets she can control effectively remains to be seen.

Due to this metahuman power, Trixter is frequently kept in a medically-induced coma in the asylum.

Trixter was originally created by Charlie McElvy for Xion Studios as Vignette in the Watchguard Sourcebook. Her name and role have been changed to fit into New Gauntlet City.


Modern Generation