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Super sad background story and origin[edit]

Once upon a time, there was a kid called Jacob Mordaci, he was 13 and the son of Adam Mordaci - chief scientist of S.I.N.N. Jacob was an awkward 13-year-old kid who did not really get what his dad did but thought it was probably cool. Then there was the accident - Adam still doesn't know what caused it, but Jacob - at least the physical part of Jacob died. When the Thunderstrike-3 experimental ant Gauntleteeer battle robot activated Adam Mordaci was concerned - when it called him, dad, he was even more so.

Was this a transfer of consciousness or was it a rogue programme running in the ThunderStrike robot emulating his dead son? Guess we'll need to find out!


Powers and Abilities[edit]

Thunderchild is incredibly strong and armoured with experimental material capable of withstanding the strongest blows. A number of the Thunderstrike Robo's additional systems are offline and the Jacob consciousness is unable to activate them - though sometimes he loose control of the system and they manifest.


Thunderchild is a member of the team know as the Firebrands and has been reveling in their villainous antics and his super-powered form. He recently drop-kicked the Gauntleteer and smashed every piece of glass in a skyscraper with a thunderclap. Its cool to be a robo, but he misses hugs, kosher ice-cream and what it felt like when you jumped into the ocean

Known Facts[edit]

Thunderchild's favorite song is Thunderstruck by AC/DC - it was totally written about him.