The ones who look out for Lower Park

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This disparate group of SPBs have little in common apart from the urge to help the rest of the people living in Lower Park. They don't really think of themsleves as 'real' supers; just folks looking out for other folks ... so they haven't thought up some pompous assed name for themselves, and anyway they'd probably never agree on one ...

  • Blink, Theo Dukas (he/him) is the team's leader.
  • Shadeux, Veronica Lopez (she/her) is the unpredictable teen wild card in the team.
  • Young Void, Bobbie Blossom is as close as the team gets to a 'heavy'.
  • Hotwire, Benny Thibodeaux is the heart of the team, and tries to fulfil the same role for the neighbourhood.

They get a lot of intelligence about what needs sorting out from the collection plate at St Joseph's Catholic Church. The team is very suspicious of the activity of The Lower Park Development Agency, and it's Director, Ms Rodriguez, who they believe to be a super villain ...