The Vermilion Rooms

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The Vermilion Rooms was a genuine speakeasy back during prohibition, a large basement bar hidden under a small bookshop on the increasingly chic Vermilion Street in Chantsville. The bar is now above-board, but still maintains the pretence of being hidden even if it has featured in several "Places to be Seen" pieces. The decor is very mid-century, the music mostly jazz - often live, and the clientele a good cross-section of the artistic-cum-hipster milieu of Chantsville as a whole.

One of the bartenders at the Vermilion Rooms in the Modern Age is Simon Lee, a fashionable young Korean-American man who favours bright, eye-catching hair and clothing. Moonlighting as the hero Flashback, Simon is an empath and always willing to lend a friendly ear to people at his bar.