The True Colors

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The True Colors (team)

The True Colors team is an internationally known superteam who boasts Eidolon as their frontman. Members have included:

  • Eidolon - Hector Corazon is a super celebrity, an incredible singer with light powers
  • El Aguila Azul - the "Blue Eagle" is a super strong and quick Luchador!
  • Trace - the daughter of two different Olympic athletes, Sylvia is an acrobatic heroine
  • the Silver Maple - Glen Alder used to be a family man with a woodworking show on YouTube, he was cursed and turned into a huge walking tree
  • Genesis - Genesis is a humanoid alien with incredible powers, she pretends to be a human assistant to Eidolon's manager
  • Fata Morgana - Fata Morgana is an illusionist with a sixth sense for promises, broken and kept, whose walk on the path of heroism had some detours


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