The Queen

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The Queen (she/they pronouns, alias The Queen of Cups) is a mysterious figure of unknown power level. She regularly changes form, and it is currently unknown if she is able to shapeshift, if she regenerates (a la Dr. Who) or if The Queen is simply a title passed from person to person. All that is known is that she has extraordinary amounts of power, and typically uses it to clean up messes around the cafe and prevent dishware from breaking.

The Queen is the proprietor, owner, and boss of The Queen of Cups cafe in Gauntlet City.

Incarnations and Descriptions[edit]

  • "The Queen loves filling out crossword puzzles, both hers and the puzzles of everyone around her. Other rumors about the Queen: she once spoke to a dangerous villain, and then everyone forgot about that villain; she will grant you a boon if you leave her a macaron as tribute."
  • "The Queen is a mess of frizzled hair and scattered fabric, constantly moving about and tending to everything in the cafe with mechanical precision. She particularly loves mermaid pearl ice cream, hard strawberry candies, and earthen teas flavored with the milk of the great Kralviper."