The Lower Park Development Agency

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Established only a few months ago this philanthropic organsiation works tirelessly to promote the develpment of Lower Park. Operating from impressively refurbished offices in the previously empty First National Bank building on Park Street the Agency has established close links with all local stakeholders, including The Lower Park Resident's Association. The Agency enjoys a very high and postivie media profile and, after recent evidence of widescale local hooliganism and vandalism, has begun the renovation of the derelict Park Department Store. This has been described by the Agency's Director, Ms Maria Rodriguez, as 'a honey pot around which all the worst elements of the community congregate'. Hotwire thinks that Joey Ferrari, a fellow-henchman from back in the day is behind the respectable front the Agency presents. Joey did time for his activities but looks to be a high roller these days ... personalised numbers and a limo do not come cheap ...