The Gauntleteer is Missing

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The Gauntleteer is Missing is a summer crossover event uniting various publishing lines of Gauntlet Comics. The beloved Gauntleteer has been targeted—not just in one iteration or one era, but all throughout the timeline of New Gauntlet City! what's worse, only a select few can even remember the Gauntleteer. In the crossover, teams in each era investigated the Gauntleteer's disappearance.

Golden Age[edit]

In the Golden Age, a team of young heroes (who eventually labelled themselves Sound Park Protectors) followed clues about the Gauntleteer's disappearance to a sinister Solomon Industries facility. They discovered a strange device, shaped like a metal diving bell, that seemed to contain the Gauntleteer—but also the burning entropy of TIME ITSELF! The heroes took a van north of New Gauntlet City to the nearest major lake, hoping to release the time energy from the device safely.

Throughout the adventure, Phantom Pain received warnings from ghosts of the future flowing back in time to her. They told of a terrible regime headed by "L'Autremain" gathering resources to aim at the stars, and identified Solomon Industries as a corruptor and The Gauntleteer of their era as a monster.

Eventually, the heroes freed an amnesiac Emilio from the sphere, and restored his memories using a testament entrusted to Father Thomas. They took the fight to Xander Solomon and thwarted his attempts to wield a dark Gauntlet—though The Gauntleteer chose to hold onto the replica Gauntlet to see if it could be used for good.

Bronze Age[edit]

A pair of heroes, XS and Skaterbrained, looked into the seeming erasure of their era's Gauntleteer, the Neon Hero, whom both had major admiration for. Their adventure took them to multiple versions of New Gauntlet City, including the ruined city of The American Empire and a dreamscape within the spirit sword of Headtrip. With help from Emilio, the Golden Age Gauntleteer, they saved the day and proved themselves to the Neon Hero.

Iron Age[edit]

Narcosis Comics joined the crossover with a series about the supernatural heroes of Coven Prime piecing together clues about the Gauntleteer's disappearance, in between antagonizing immortal beings like Garou the Ur-Werewolf and Ekidna, Mother of Monsters. They recovered the Gauntlet itself, but drained of power, and the era's Gauntleteer, a kid named Perry who became the adult Gauntleteer when he put on the Gauntlet. To restore the Gauntlet's power, they confronted Paul Atwood who had absorbed the Gauntlet's powers into the Shroud of Mortality, and ultimately prevailed by swaying Lenore of the Neon Coven to their side.

Modern Age[edit]

In the Modern Age, the Gauntleteer was brazenly attacked amidst a public hero's gathering by the School of Hard Knocks, an academy dedicated to training the best villains in the world. In the melee, the Gauntleteer was subdued by the school's number one class who dubbed themselves 'The Firebrands' after the heroes' defeat. The Gauntleteer was subsequently blasted by Domina Carnifex's Agony Scepter and seemingly killed, his body disappeared by the Scepter.