The Firebrands

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The Firebrands (team)

Once the top class of the School of Hard Knocks the Firebrands are some of the most vigorous, destructive villains in New Gauntlet City. They took out Anesthesia in a Dreamsend bank robbery, they attacked an Optimax Blackzone to free several people who had been enslaved and experimented on by the industries, and were part of the Villain Blitzkrieg that took many heroes by surprise and even took out The Gauntleteer.

After issue 3 they were betrayed by the head of the School of Hard Knocks and found their memories of the Gauntleteer's existence a liability. They escaped and are currently looking for a new base and how to make up for what has happened. Their ties to villainy are becoming tenuous.


  • Aracnophobe, aka Cody Jamison. He was experimented on by vile science violence to get his power set. He also does amazing graffiti all around the city.
  • Atlas, aka Danny Mak. A meta with insane regeneration powers and strength that was freed by the assault on the American Empire by Artemis & the Nobodies and swept up into a life of crime to make ends meet.
  • Fermata, aka Cameron. The latest major inductee into the Twilight Orchestra who has put their chips into the School of Hard Knocks. She is their valedictorian of the program.
  • Thunderchild, aka Jacob Mordecai. The SWEETEST 8' tall combat droid with a badass brain in it. He has quips and awesome powers and can become a car. Can you become a car?