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Welcome to Stonecliff. In the 1880s, the coal mines of Stonecliff powered Gauntlet City. Now it's a neighbourhood of skilled blue collar workers and aspiring skilled professionals. It is also the home of four extraordinary teens that wielded the power of The Gauntleteer in the 1990s.

There is a secret base of The Gauntleteer hidden in a lake by a quarry near Stonecliff. Managed in The Gauntleteer's absence by a giant telepathic spider named Webster who speaks with a slight British accent and is being rehabilitated (presumably from criminal activity) by The Gauntleteer, it features a training dojo and an interdimensional library which includes archives of foes The Gauntleteer has fought in other dimensions and other timelines. It also includes songs from the future and an amazing sound system. There is also a semi-functional robotic presence here, called 'Project Thunderchild'.