Speed Demoness

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Speed Demoness (Modern)

Speed Demoness in costume

Speed Demoness, a.k.a. "SD", possesses incredible speed. In a burst, she can outpace the Gemini Twins, but she quickly runs out of steam. For a time, her powers caused her to be extremely jittery and had almost no attention span unless she took meds. Her meds were provided by Optimax Industries, and after several failed "jobs" (crimes she committed as a henchman to make money), Optimax cut off her "medical insurance". SD couldn't afford her meds, so she vibrated constantly unless she expended a great deal of concentration. Sometimes, if she's lucky, SD got some meds from her contact Miguel the orderly, who works at Aesculapius Hospital.

After working a big job for Zachary Solomon, SD "retired" from villainy for a year to try and keep things together.

SD was a PC in Jim Crocker's My Life With MasterMind game in January 2019, played by Rich Rogers. SD was renamed "Speedy" as a PC in Dan Brown's Team-Up game in December 2020, also played by Rich Rogers.


Modern Generation