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Shadow Boxer[edit]

Mya Moreno, aka Shadow Boxer and later Eclipse (II), was a member of the Hopefuls, a team of heroes who met while attending the superhero high school Hope Prep and reunited 10 years later to fight crime as adults. Shadow Boxer was a PC in Rich Rogers's Masks game in January and February 2020 and its sequel Power Beyond Doubt game in March and April 2020. She was played by David Jay.

Shadow Boxer/Eclipse (II) is not to be confused with the unrelated original Eclipse.

Early Life[edit]

Mya was born with the power to change the wavelengths of light (essentially the color and shade) of her skin and clothing, similar to a chameleon or octopus. Her father speculated that she gained her powers because he would sneak into Xeno Park with his friends and try the exotic fruit as a child.

When Mya was six years old, her parents were two of the many killed during an invasion of The American Empire before their defeat. After this, she was raised by her father's older sister, Mariana Moreno, who was a prosecutor of some renown. Mya dedicated herself to becoming a hero to make sure "collateral damage" like her parents would be less likely to happen in the future. She applied to Hope Prep as a freshman, but she was rejected due to her lack of training and only minor super power. She doubled down on her goal and began patrolling the streets as "the Polychormatic Protector." On her first night, she saw a group of thugs attempting to rob an older man at gunpoint. Mya tried to rescue him, only to nearly get herself killed in the process. Luckily, they old man was Red Bear, a super martial artist and former hero himself. He quickly dispatched the criminals and agreed to train Mya to fight. After two years of rigorous training, Red Bear deemed her a true hero and gave her the super hero name of "Shadow Boxer." Additionally, he had secretly talked one of this old friends and partners, Moon Maiden, who was now teaching at Hope Prep, and they agreed to allow Mya to attend the school starting in her junior year.

Hope Prep[edit]

Mya was very enthusiastic to join Hope Prep and was asked to join the informal team consisting of E Lane, The Pale Prince (later the Fomorian), Cupid, and Yes! Man. She briefly dated Glitcher and then Donny D. She and Donny were that year's senior prom queen and king.

On their senior trip, Cupid was thought to be killed in a battle in New Zealand by the villainous Green Man.

Post Graduation[edit]

After graduating from Hope Prep, Mya blamed herself for Cupid's death. Donny D continued working with Mya to finance various weapons and gadgets (and to continue their on-again-off-again romance).

Mya gained a new control of her super powers and learned how to bend light around her to create total darkness.

Some years later, Mya enlisted her Aunt Mariana to take down Mr. Hearse, a notorious crime boss of Undertaker's Row. After years of work, they were able to arrest him and some of his lieutenants. Before he was brought to trial, a squad of Mr. Hearse's men invaded the Mariana Moreno's home. Mya arrived too late to save her. Soon after, Mr. Hearse was let go on a technicality. Mya rededicated herself to revenge and took on the name of Eclipse as well as a much darker personality. She spent years going against Mr. Hearse until the AEON After-School Alliance for At-Risk Supers sent him through a portal to hell.

Hopeful Reunion[edit]

Mya was drawn back to her old high school teammates almost exactly 10 years after graduation. She assisted in repealing a secret invasion from the Leeanan Fae Court. She was able to defeat the Leeanan Queen by using the mythical weapon, True Love's Gun, which cost her the memory of her aunt and her death. This, at least for the time being, has softened Mya's personality and quenched her need for revenge. Either because of this or perhaps because she started working with a team again, she soon after took on a protege, Honey Badger.

Later, with the Hopefuls, she confronted Mr. Hearse in hell. She seemingly remembered all or part of the erased memories, but her darker personality hasn't returned. In fact, she agreed to finally actually call Donny D her boyfriend.

Mya Moreno was a PC played by David Jay in Rich Roger's Masks game in January and February 2020 and the Power Beyond Doubt sequel in March and April 2020.


  • Master martial artist
  • Olympic level acrobatics
  • Tech equipment/weapons
  • High tech electric motorcycle, the Shadow Chaser
  • Able to change the color/shade of her skin and clothing
  • Able to remove light (to create darkness) in her general vicinity
  • Able to instantly travel through areas of complete darkness (short range teleportation)

RP notes[edit]

  • Born in approximately 1994

As a teen:

  • Excitable and optimistic
  • Very focused and hardworking (to compensate for her lack of powers)
  • Somewhat naive, especially with romance
  • Main influences: Young Dick Grayson Robin and Tina Belcher

As an adult:

  • Pessimistic "realist"
  • Brooding, prone to bursts of anger
  • Slow to trust new people
  • Dismissive of anyone she thinks has had an easy life
  • Main influences: Nightwing, Bruce Timm's Justice League Batman, and Netflix's Daredevil


Late Bronze Generation (Hope Prep) and Modern Generation (Hopefuls)