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Sara Sparks (Modern)

Sara Sparks (real name: Molly Kirby) is a third-generation superhero, continuing the legacy begun by her grandfather Flag Waver. She is an exceptionally gifted athlete, possesses excellent deductive skills, and uses a variety of gadgets, notably her "dazzlefists", which produce a bright light upon impact, allowing her to blind or distract her foes. Her costume consists of an impact-resistant blue leotard with an arc of white stars running up the right side, evoking the American flag, along with matching boots and a backpack. She is the inventor of a programmable hair dye, which she uses to conceal her identity: as Sara Sparks, her hair is cotton-candy pink, while as Molly her hair is black with a purple streak.

Notable enemies include Bolt, a former classmate at Desmond Zola Metahuman Magnet School. Sara Sparks first came into conflict with Bolt when he bullied her teammate, Gabriel. Sara challenged Bolt's team to a test of skill, which Sara's team won. Later, Bolt accepted a bounty-hunting contract from his own future self to destroy another of Sara's teammates, Overlock. He was again defeated, but not captured, and Sara sent videos of his criminal activities to the police and the admissions board of every college he'd applied to. Bolt believes Sara has ruined his life and has vowed revenge.

Sara Sparks is a PC in Lowell Francis's Masks campaign, played by Steven desJardins. From Sessions 1-5, she was on a team with Overclock, Mimic, and Gabriel. That team broke apart after Overclock sacrificed himself to defeat the Empyreonix. From Sessions 6-9, most episodes contained Zan, Odd Ball, and Collateral Damage (Zan was absent from Session 6, which contained The Shade instead.) This second incarnation of the team faced Councilman Briggs, secretly Odd Ball's future self, who was manipulating public opinion against teenage superheroes using The Yokai as pawns. Her father, the vigilante known as Night Terror, was killed in the final conflict which exposed Briggs.


Modern Generation