Sable Tigresa

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Sable Tigresa

Sable Tigresa is a masked master thief persona adopted by Taynara "TayTay" Tavares, a professional wrestler with Pangalacatic Championship Wrestling. By day, she defends her title in the ring. By night, she moonlights as an uncatchable cat burglar.

Taynara was not the first Sable Tigresa, having inherited the mantle from a predecessor who was killed by Big Blue. Taynara entered The Celestial Tournament, but was actually there to steal the Sword of Legends from Mother Steel and give it to Emma Fortune of The House.

Taynara developed a romantic connection to Ghost Arm Disciple of the Crocker Street Brawlers and revealed her secret identity to them. Ghost Arm Disciple was conflicted about this, as Big Blue had tasked them with drawing out and destroying the new Sable Tigresa. The two teamed up to defeat Moonlight Sonata when she attacked them outside the arena, but Ghost Arm Disciple was distraught to learn Taynara was working for Emma Fortune, a crime lord who flaunted the lucky charm she'd had the previous Tigresa steal from Crocker Street.

In the chaos occasioned by a conspiracy's attempt to blow up the Celestial Mountain, Taynara grappled off the Mountain with the stolen Sword of Legends and a conflicted Ghost Arm Disciple in her arms. The two teamed up down in New Gauntlet City to enter the House and steal from Emma Fortune.

Sable Tigresa was a PC played by Jo Crak in Alexi Sargeant’s Hearts of Wulin game in May 2020.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

  • High-flying wrestler using Tiger Mask Style
  • Master thief, unparalleled at infiltration and exfiltration
  • Armed with grappling hooks and "tiger claws"