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SSIN - The Super Science Intelligence Network[edit]

SSIN was formed by Jacob Mordaci in 2010 as an alliance of genius-level intelligence individuals that wished to pursue groundbreaking scientific research freed from the shackles of regulation and mundane ethics. Offering their services for hire to governments, villains, and paramilitary organizations across the world to fund their research and experimentation SSIN is a well connected and insidious force.

Known Members[edit]

Jacobi Mordaci - world-leading intelligence in AI and Robotics. Responsible for the creation of Thunderchild as part of the Thunderstrike program.
Alphonso 'Tigerman' Romano - a genetic research specialist that accidentally transformed himself into a beast form. Runs a mercenary hangout club called Baghera's

SSIN was created by David Walker for The School of Hard Knocks