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Riviera (Neighborhood)


A neighborhood historically populated by white dockworkers that is at the beginning of a gentrification cycle.

The Anchor Street Sanctuary[edit]

A drug rehabilitation center that also serves as a front for a secret refuge for superhumans at risk.

  • Bone Trucks (Wild One) - Griff Harris, a part-time physical therapist under contract at the Sanctuary. Grew up in Cleveland. Amateur skateboarder who came to New Gauntlet City to go professional, but this career ended after an injury. "Found" a skateboard that can break the laws of physics with extreme speed. Has mastered the use of the skateboard in combat and pursuit. Wears a skeleton hoodie mask and gloves when operating as Bone Trucks. Brought Raedawn to the Sanctuary. Lives in an apartment on Commercial Road.
  • Possum (Neighborhood Snoop) - Reggie Byrd, a refuse collector who can shapechange into the form of a possum. Near-superhuman ability to craft inventions from salvaged trash. Sought refuge after his powers manifested. Lifelong resident of New Gauntlet City. Lives in the last dilapidated wooden home in the Riviera (renter).
  • Raedawn (Peacemaker) - An escaped psionic test subject from a ZGenix laboratory. Powers include ESP, memory alteration, mind blast, and clairvoyance. Exhibits paranoid schizophrenia. Doesn't remember past. Took name from a magazine. Wandered the streets of New Gauntlet City until Bone Trucks took her to the Sanctuary. Took an assumed identity based on a ZGenix ID card. Works at the Sanctuary as a counselor for its toughest cases. Carefully applies memory alteration to ease trauma and protect the secret of her powers. Horribly tempted to use powers more forcefully. Puerto Rican ethnicity. Very fond of Possum. Crashes at Bone Trucks' apartment.
  • Starheart (Brick) - Ida Bass, intake worker at the Sanctuary. Superhuman strength and durability manifested in her early teens. Adopted the alter ego of Starheart in a fanciful imagination of where her powers originated. Raised by adoptive parents. Thinks superheroes work primarily for the privileged. Default leader of the Sanctuary's underground refuge. Lives with a roommate at the corner of Gleave Street and Ponce de Leon.

Other Locations in Riviera[edit]

  • Club 80 - A popular working class bar.
  • Docks - Alongside Beale River, which runs along the eastern border of New Gauntlet City.
  • Fischer Circle
  • Velvet Cloak Inn - An abandoned hotel and former headquarters of The Velvet Cloak.

Other Residents of Riviera[edit]