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Ringmaster (bronze)

The child of circus parents, Jacob Ignatius - aka The Ringmaster is by far the biggest threat contained within the Maniae Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Often garbed in a black felt tailed coat and top hat, Ignatius fits the image of a circus show barker. Through his abnormally high charisma and uncanny ability to corral the support of his other inmates, The Ringmaster has a hidden cult of followers who would give up their very lives in order to see his insidious plans come to fruition.

Jacob suffers from Egomania and reigns over the Criminal Psych Ward of Sanctuary Asylum. By sifting out the animalistic qualities in his fellow inmates he has created a vicious mockery of his own circus act within the ward. Currently, he has amassed Tommy the Tiger (HD 2), Mimes the Clown (HD 1), Harry Elephante (HD 3), Tortuga the Beast Boy (HD 2), and Janet the Bearded “Lady” (HD 1).

Maniae Asylum was originally created by Jodie Brandt for Bloat Games as Sanctuary Asylym, a supplement for The Vigilante Hack. His history has been altered slightly to fit into New Gauntlet City.


Bronze Generation