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The Queen of Cups is a small and unassuming coffee shop in a shambling brick building that is across the street from Hope Prep. It looks ordinary with no ostentatious signage or even a chalkboard of specials to mark it. The interior is decorated with memorabilia from all five super ages.

This is a peaceful establishment, and everyone pledges to be on their best behavior - no matter how villainous they may be outside.

The owner of the Queen of Cups is known simply as The Queen. No one knows who she is. By choice, she appears to be an elderly woman. She claims to have no superhuman abilities (but she's rumored to have massive control over reality - which she uses primarily to prevent cups and plates from breaking after they are dropped).

First Appearance: Gauntlet Community Open Gaming: July 18, 2020


Employees are paid well; they also get sick leave and PTO. In return, the Queen expects them to help out the customers with their troubles.

Villain Rehabilitation Program[edit]

As part of a larger community service initiative, The Queen hires ex-super villains to run the cafe on some days of the week. This allows the villains to start their reintegration into the larger Gauntlet City community.


Almost all the customers at The Queen of Cups are members of New Gauntlet City's superhuman community. Some members of the regular community of Gauntlet City tend to wander in from time to time, and the powers of the cafe tend to render them unaware of the powers rippling around them.

Menu Items[edit]

The menu at the Queen of Cups is constantly rotating, and The Queen loves including seasonal delicacies and making custom orders for her regular customers. The following dishes have been recorded on the Queen of Cups menu.

  • Atlantean Seaweed Latte
  • Greek Yoghurt Coffee
  • Coffee-infused sand (a particular favorite of the earth elementals who visit regularly)
  • Impossibly flavored Macarons