New Guard Academy

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New Guard Academy

New Guard Academy is a juvenile detention center near New Gauntlet City. It is a new school founded by the New Guard and funded by Optimax Industries. This detention center houses super-powred delinquents, the children of super-villains and criminal henchmen, as well as youths considered too dangerous to society.

Four juvenile offenders were the protagonists of a Gauntlet Comics Monsterhearts series:
Percy Yates the Bakenoko
Raven the Queen
Mel Chambers the Devil
Ferala the Were(cat)

Faculty and Staff[edit]

The Gauntleteer, the founder and figurehead
Gamesmaster, head of security
Flatline, head of medical services
Scrapper, teacher
Ms. Osborn-Roch, aka Ozroch, legal advisor
Eris Katz, gym teacher
Coppertopper, security guard

Other Students[edit]