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Negatory (Modern)


Negatory started his supers career as the jetpack-wearing hero named Yes Man. He started the Future Legion and commissioned the Help Me ap to help keep Scoville Terrace, the Ville, and the Greater Ville neighborhoods safe.

The rival team Scoville Scourge exposed Yes Man's team's villainy and proved that Garrison and Coppertopper were extorting small businesses for the "protection" they provide. Yes Man's career was in shambles. Coldheart left the team and dragged them on social media, claiming she had no idea. Yes Man retired from public life.

A short time later, Negatory appeared, and the Future Legion embraced their villainous natures.

Negatory's picture is Noh-Varr, a.k.a. Marvel Boy, published by Marvel Comics.


Modern Generation