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Miss Moxie

Miss Moxie

Greta Glazkov, aka Miss Moxie, was a member of the Allied Angels, a team of young women who fought on the Gauntlet City homefront during World War II. Greta was born in the small country of Urucia where her father Dr. Yuri Glazkov was a respected scientist. When Greta was caught in a flying saucer crash, a dying Moxoid alien offered her a blood transfusion. The Moxoid blood gave her super strength, quickness, and more than a little moxie! Her country and father were captured by the Nazis, and Greta escaped to America where she came under the care of AEN agent Betsy Baker.

With the help of the Allied Angels, Greta returned to Urucia and liberated her father, preventing the Nazis from weaponizing his work on Moxoid blood and technology. The mission exacted a cost, though, as Greta was exposed to more Moxium and mutated into a more monstrous form, with a hulking body and glowing purple veins and hair. In her transformed state, Greta became known as simply "Moxie." (Not to be confused with the unrelated Modern Age character, Moxy).

Miss Moxie was a PC in Jim Crocker's Masks game in April 2019, played by David Jay. She returned for Jim's June 2019 Masks game, continuing the story.

RP notes[edit]

Acts tough, but is concerned with her peers' opinions of her

Dislikes authority, but has a respect for the sciences

Disregard for property and collateral damage (especially statues)

Has a slight Eastern-European-ish accent that she hides pretty well

Born in approximately 1926


Gold Generation