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Welcome to Gauntlet Comics![edit]

Gauntlet Comics is a shared universe for the Gauntlet gaming community. Tabletop RPG sessions are default set in New Gauntlet City. NGC is a setting with superheroes and supervillains, but Gauntlet Comics also has room for other genres. We've had sessions of superpowered RPGs like Masks: A New Generation, Hit the Streets: Defend the Block, Blazon, and With Great Power: Master Edition. We've also had sessions of My Life With Master, The Ward, Demigods PbtA, Hogwarts RPG and many more.

Adventure Ages[edit]

The ages before the dawn of the super-powered being, ranging from the 1930s and before.

  • Platinum Age (heroes that debuted between 1900 and the 1930s)

Super Ages[edit]

There are five "ages" of super-powered folks in the history of Gauntlet Comics, starting in the 1920s and leading up to today.

  • Golden Age (heroes active during 1940s and 1950s)
  • Silver Age (heroes active during the 1960s)
  • Bronze Age (heroes active during the 1970s to 1980s)
  • Iron Age (heroes active during the 1990s to 2000s)
  • Modern Age (heroes active from the 2010s to today)

The pretend Lonely Planet entry for New Gauntlet City[edit]

City Map[edit]

New Gauntlet City map

Nightlife (restaurants and bars)


Places to Shop or Eat

Hospitals and Safety


Sports and Leisure


  • NGCPB New Gauntlet City Public Broadcasting, local TV station
  • QNGC New Gauntlet City's premiere venue for news Super, Mundane, Traffic and Weather
  • KGOB Local AM Sports Talk station, carries the New Gauntlet City Goblins, a minor league baseball team

Places of Worship & Community Hubs

Super Teams[edit]

The following is a list of many major super-powered or metahuman teams. Most of them are player character groups, but there are some NPC teams, too.

A link to everything[edit]

Helpful Links[edit]

Generations of Supers[edit]

The idea of Generations is taken from the excellent RPG Masks: A New Generation.

There are four generations of super-powered folks in the history of Gauntlet Comics, starting in the 1920s and leading up to today.

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