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Lynx (Modern)

Alice was packing up her mother's belongings after her parents died in a car crash when she found a carved wooden cat. When she held it, it changed something in her head and linked her psyche to every single cat in a mile radius. Her parents were activists, but she never really saw the point, but once they died and she got the power, she decided to try the "hero thing".

In her civilian life, she is a regular graphic designer who manages to make ends meet by not being picky about her clients. She tried being a cat burglar but the irony was too overwhelming. She shares an ok apartment with two college seniors who she's not particularly close to. They go clubbing sometimes. During her adventures with the Scoville Scourge, she came upon the catseye jewel.

Alice, aka Lynx, is a member of the Scoville Scourge.


Modern Generation