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Kam'Mir is the mysterious world that exists deep within the Earth's core. Past the underground kingdoms of Rynoon, if one makes it, they will find a beautiful and dangerous land that is rampant with magic and danger.

Kam'Mir is divided among the 7 Sorceror-Kings, including Carmandra, and ruled at their whims. Often their machinations result in war with each other, for what purpose, few know. Outsiders, while rare, are not unheard of in Kam'Mir. Though the arrival of outsiders is rarely celebrated, as too many in the past have sworn to help the people, only to die—or according to some rumors, take on the role of Sorceror-King for themselves.

There are mountains, deserts, forests, and oceans within Kam'Mir, as well as a mysterious Undersun and Undermoon.

In the series Eyes of the Underlord, a fellowship of representatives of the various peoples of Kam'Mir come together to defeat a dangerous Overlord known as Palinduon the Broken.