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Hope Prep seal

Hope Prep Academy, located in Downtown West, was opened in the late 90's by AEON's division EPOCH. Hope Prep is a high school expressly for superpowered beings and aliens. Unlike the Desmond Zola Metahuman Magnet School, Hope Prep is open to inhuman students per the AEON charter.


The Hopefuls, a team of:

  • E Lane Sobcheck - a young violinist with a sorcerous violin
  • Kelvin - a lava and fire elemental creature
  • Magdu Miranda, Tensile - protege of tech superhero Anaximandra
  • Yuan ap Balor, The Pale Prince - half-fae prince
  • Alessandra Ambrosia, Cupid - girl juggling a dual identity


  • President Maelstrom - dean of the school
  • Mr. B’ng’min Br’gl, formerly Lightning Bug - esoteric languages teacher
  • Sia - literature teacher
  • Mrs. Janet Forester, formerly Ricochet - mathematics teacher
  • Chuck Able, a.k.a. Kaleidoscope - philosophy and arcane teacher
  • Ms. Angela Sanchez, formerly Moon Maiden - phys ed teacher
  • Ms. Sophia Kinfield, a.k.a. Fate's Fury - world history teacher
  • Dr. Vivian Hawkray - super science teacher

Hope Prep was originally created by John Dunn and Jennifer Harding for Melior Via. Several names and places have been changed to fit into New Gauntlet City.