Hedgewick Academy

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Hedgewick Academy

Hedgewick Academy of Wizardcraft and Witchery is a boarding school of magical instruction for young mages in New Gauntlet City. It was founded by the Vigilant of Power, Oliver Hedgewick, to prepare the young for the trials they'll face at Coven Prime to prove themselves full members of the supernatural community.

To mundane passersby, Hedgewick Academy appears to be a boring traffic court and municipal judges' office complex. Those with true sight see instead a school built up as a hodgepodge of every previous building on that site: the eponymous college of College Hill, an asylum from the early 20th century, a temporary war hospital from the 40s, and even a minimall from the 90s.

Some young witches and wizards at Hedgewick were the protagonists of an All-Ages Gauntlet Comics series:
Adrementitia Grey of House Lionheart
Noah Ford of House Burrowdown
Coriander Tauris of House Serpentine
Arsenius "Arsenic" Adebayo of House Raptorquill

Faculty and Staff[edit]

Oliver Hedgewick, founder and headmaster
Mortigern Dunwiche, charms teacher and head of House Burrowdown
Patience Grey, potions teacher
Professor of Predigistration, former supervillain and groundskeeper

Other Students[edit]

Cassiopeia Collywog
Sybil Spinnet
Wilhelmina Schmidt
Gawain Trisagion


College Hill