Heavy Metal

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Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal is Tendril’s somewhat dimwitted partner. Heavy Metal by himself is rather tenderhearted, but he and Tendril have a long relationship of relying on one another, and thus Heavy Metal gets into trouble right alongside his friend. Heavy Metal was active in the 1980s as a smalltime thug and partner of Tendril, his "best buddy".

Powers and Abilities[edit]

  • Body Transformation: Due to some mutant power he doesn't understand, Heavy Metal can change his body into an iron-like metal which boosts his strength tremendously. It also provides him with Exceptional! Armor that helps protect him from harm.

Heavy Metal was created by Tim Kirk for his Hearts & Souls. The artwork for Heavy Metal comes from Character Gallery I: Superheroes 1. Artwork used with permission by Vonshlick Productions.


Bronze Age