Happy House

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Happy House is a Cantonese restaurant in the run-down Sherwood district of Gauntlet City. Despite the name, it is not a welcoming place. The food is largely incidental to the restaurant's business, which is mostly money laundering and fencing stolen goods. While most of the restaurant supplies that come in the back door leave the same way, the elderly couple who work the kitchen will actually cook good authentic Cantonese food for the rare discerning customer.

In the Modern Age it is operated by Danny Mak's "Uncle" Tony Mak (actually a cousin of his father). A fixer, fence, and money launderer Tony has the appearance, personality and dress sense of a Cantonese Guy Fieri. He mostly keeps his head out of the line of fire of supervillainy, preferring to profit from more mundane crime. While a terrible father figure - as he himself will attest - he does have a soft spot for waifs and strays, and will stand up for his friends and family.