Ghost Arm Disciple

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Ghost Arm Disciple

Ghost Arm Disciple is a young person in the Crocker Street Brawlers, a rowdy neighborhood watch. They are protégé to Big Blue and romantically linked to Bulldozer Muñoz. The three brawlers travelled together to The Celestial Tournament, where Big Blue revealed that he had a special task for Ghost Arm Disciple: luring out and destroying the new Sable Tigresa. This task became complicated when Ghost Arm Disciple learned that Taynara, whom they had feelings for, was the Sable Tigresa.

After a mixed performance in the tournament, Ghost Arm Disciple left the mountain (via grappling hook) in Sable Tigresa's arms, leaving Bulldozer Muñoz believing their partner to have been kidnapped. Ghost Arm Disciple and Sable Tigresa teamed up down in New Gauntlet City to knock over The House and steal back a Crocker Street lucky charm from Emma Fortune.

Ghost Arm Disciple was a PC played by Saribel in Alexi Sargeant’s Hearts of Wulin game in May 2020.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

  • School of Hard Knocks training with the Crocker Street Brawler


Bronze Age