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Flag Waver (Silver)

Flag Waver (real name: Alan Kirby) made his debut in the early '70's as a patriotic, counter-counterculture hero. Despite his conservative politics, he was on good terms with most of his heroic contemporaries, and had a generally positive public image. He became the public face of the Feats Not Fists foundation, which helps the victims of superhuman conflict, and helped expand the organization's focus to include violence prevention and criminal rehabilitation. He appeared frequently in Public Service Announcements during Saturday morning cartoons in the late '70's and early '80's, and is very well known to that generation.

Flag Waver was once trapped in a video game, set in a world where Canada was the dominant global superpower. He escaped the video game with the help of that world's greatest hero, Dame Canada, but Dame Canada was unexpectedly drawn into this world with him. She became convinced that he had tricked her into altering the timeline, and is devoted to either helping Canada achieve global supremacy, or changing history so that Canada wins the War of 1812, which she believes will restore her original timeline. Five years ago Flag Waver disarmed a time-altering device which Dame Canada had constructed, which was producing devastating side effects, but absorbed a lethal dose of radiation. He is currently in a stasis tube until some way can be found to cure him.

He met his wife Helen in her heroic identity, the Blonde Hurricane. After teaming up frequently for a couple of years, the two married, and soon had twins, Theodore and Gregory. Helen retired from the superhero life after becoming pregnant, and is now active as a board member of Feats Not Fists.

Both of his sons assumed heroic identities. Ted trained under his father and became American Star. He had a respectable career and remains semi-active as a superhero, but devotes most of his energy to his career as a doctor at Aesculapius Hospital. He is married to Tariq, who is an EMT, and does not possess any powers.

Alan intended for Gregory to assume the identity of American Stripe, but Greg rejected his influence and became a dark vigilante called Night Terror. He married Maureen Kirby, a teen runaway who he rescued from peril, and with her had a daughter named Molly. He was violent-tempered and abusive, and after four years of marriage Maureen divorced him. There is a permanent restraining order forbidding him from having any contact with Maureen, and may only see Molly infrequently and with supervision. Greg recently served a term in prison after beating up what he thought was a criminal to get information, when the criminal turned out to be an undercover police officer wearing a wire. Under a plea agreement he was allowed to serve his prison sentence under a pseudonym, without disclosing his identity.

Molly recently made her heroic debut as Sara Sparks.


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