Eyes of the Underlord

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Eyes of the Underlord is an epic fantasy series set in the hollow earth realm of Kam'Mir, far below New Gauntlet City.

The story follows a fellowship of representatives of the various peoples of Kam'Mir, as they rally together to defeat the dangerous Overlord Palinduon the Broken.

The Fellowship consists of:

Regina Firewheel, tinkerer from the "dwarves," who are interdimensional refugees from the ruined wasteland of The American Empire
Dapperdew Axebreaker, warrior from the orcs, who are fungal bruisers created by the unscrupulous mushroom scientists
Odell Underwood, a runaway criminal human from the surface world who found their way down to the underground and became a squire to the fellowship
Hamfast Cobbles, trickster from the halflings, a size-changing and food-loving people