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Dreamsend (Neighborhood)

Dreamsend is easily the worse neighborhood in New Gauntlet City. A crime-riddled, gang infested, never-ending cycle of broken dreams, Dreamsend attracts those who have nothing to offer to society and those that society has left behind. No one stays in Dreamsend by choice. Like lobster in a barrel, everyone in Dreamsend are trying to claw and pinch their way to the top. And what awaits them at the top of the barrel? An exit? An escape? No. Just more of the same.

Pimps, prostitutes, gang bangers, pedophiles, murders, corrupt politicians, deviant Priests, lawyers; ya know, the absolute most vile of the vile. Is everybody in Dreamsend beyond saving? No. But also, no one is completely innocent either. No one’s hands are unsullied. Everybody has blood, mud or muck, or something that tarnishes their shine. But there have to be a few who can be salvaged, those that can be saved.

Dreamsend is patrolled by a pair of vigilantes, but they are swamped with foes. They have no official name, but a local rag calls them the Dreamsend Vigilantes.

Dreamsend is written by Eric Bloat, it comes from A CITY FULL OF SINNERS - Game Master's Guide for The Vigilante Hack.