Desmond Zola Metahuman Magnet School

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Desmond Zola Metahuman Magnet School, located in Zola Village, contains a mix of superpowered and unpowered students. Some of the metahuman students attend openly in their heroic identities, while others maintain a secret civilian identity. The school contains a strong academic program in metahuman studies. Registered metahuman students have access to the school's training facilities, which like the Danger Room from the X-Men comics can create a variety of mechanical obstacles and opponents and can manipulate the environment in various ways.


  • Bolt - real name not established, speedster, currently a fugitive from the law
  • Fenris - real name not established, wolflike form
  • Gabriel - nonhuman (solid light construct), no other identity
  • Gray - real name not established, telekinetic and illusionist
  • Mimic - Ally Perez, absorption powers
  • Overclock - Will Collier, deceased, techno-organic hybrid
  • Sara Sparks - Molly Kirby, athlete/gadgeteer