Dead End Queens

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The Dead End Queens are a group of what can politely be called mercenaries that work in defense of Hollowed Park and the House of Silq. If that defense happens to help the larger populace, well, that's fine with them.


  • Blue Rose, aka Ilya Dragunov, a trained Bogatyr in the service of Baba Yaga who was sent to protect the afflicted of the Hollowed Plague and House of Silq.
  • Cryptid, aka Berenike Silq, a shapeshifting legendary child of the House of Silq who leads this team of outcasts.
  • Honey Badger, aka Sofia Diaz, a mixed-martial arts pro who worked for Mr. Hearse and now desperately wants to get him back from where he's been sent.
  • Susanoo, aka Junji Mori, an ex-Yokai member who was almost killed by his old team for falling in love with a native. His powers allow him to influence weather.
  • Venus Flytrap, aka Yuuranic Krull, a plant-being from the American Empire who 'died' during the first invasion and their heart seed was raised by Creme Silq. They are the older sibling of Cryptid.