Danny Moloka'i

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Danny Moloka'i (Modern)


Danny is the son of a seismologist named Dietrich Calder and Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire. He has elemental powers over lava and rides an obsidian shark named Mano. Recently, he moved into a house in the Gate District and joined up with some other Demigods: Pillar, Althea "Allie" Darden, and Colby Hikaru. During these Demigods' clash with The Furies, Danny learned that her mother Pele was imprisoned in Tartarus. He ended up convincing his crush, the icy Coldheart, to join him on a mission to visit Tartarus.

Danny Moloka'i was a PC in Rich Rogers's Demigods PbtA game in March 2019. He was played by Alexi Sargeant.


Modern Generation