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Crosschurch (Neighborhood)

Crosschurch is a neighborhood near Downtown that hasn't quite earned the opportunities of gentrification. It's near the river, but the only benefit it sees is being in a flood plain. It's just close enough to the college that students who can't afford to live on campus can huddle together in older houses in disrepair.

During the summer, Crosschurch brands itself Goblinville because they host home games of the minor league baseball team - the Gauntlet City Goblins. People from all over New Gauntlet City flock to attend games (and usually watch the Goblins lose). Crosschurch is also the home of the semi-famous curiosity, the Moxey Motel and Book Store, where people can buy books on weird murders or book a room where the murders of the 80s happened (once featured on an episode of City Confidential).

Living Waters Anabaptist Church is here, along with its bus garage and parsonage. Nearby is the aged Choir Stall Jazz Club as well.

Crosschurch has been dealing with the return of Don Destructo after he served ten years upstate. Don has hired some thugs to restore some control of the hood, including Silver Banshee, the Hammerer, and Misted Twisted.