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Coven Prime (location)

Coven Prime is a gathering point for Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks in training. Though they come from diverse backgrounds, all must pass through the trials of this place.

Coven Prime is neutral ground for the various supernatural factions of New Gauntlet City.

Coven Prime is also the name of a Narcosis Comics crossover series about four supernatural heroes joining forces to save Coven Prime from a dark plot.

In the year 1999, when Coven Prime's 100-year lease was due, the demon Ozroch attempted to take over Coven Prime by co-opting the Vigilants, the guardians of Coven Prime from each Faction.

The Vigilants of the previous century were co-opted or killed: The Mortal Vigilant Sally Dynamite and Vigilant of Power Tara the Oracle were killed, the Fae Princess Rosie, Vigilant of Wild, was bribed to give up her power willingly, and the Blood Witch Lillith, Vigilant of Night, was fed the blood of all three so that her sacrifice would sever the Vigilants' bond. The plot was disrupted by the supernatural heroes of Narcosis Comics: Inspector Spectre (who became Vigilant of Night), Anna Kogotov, whose mentor Diamond Ford became Vigilant of Mortality, Jeremiah Hunt (who became vigilant of Wild) and Rosalind McDonaugh, whose colleague the Warlock Oliver Hedgewick was appointed Vigilant of Power.

In the year 2000, a Coven Prime ongoing series saw a new team (well, more of a loose assemblage) of supernatural heroes pursued the looted books of the magic library, collateral damage from Ozroch's theft of the covenant of Coven Prime: Anna Kogotov, Silas LeBeau the legacy-burdened hunter, Xania Treestop the mercurial oracle, Cenobia Palmiras the exiled fae princess, Cam the mortal investigator, and Santiago the thrall of the demon Malphas.

During this series, Anna Kogotov attempted to shoot Silas's sister Valentine LeBeau during a parlay in Coven Prime. Silas took the bullet (and lived), and Anna was mystically banished from Coven Prime—only Diamond Ford's mercy prevented Anna from being summarily executed.


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