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Corvid is a bird-themed operative with an arsenal of bladed weapons and mystical powers (most frequently manifested as disappearing in a puff of black feathers). Mephista's files indicate they were active on the European mystical scene, but Batswarm encountered them monitoring Rubble Rouser and enforcing Mr. Hearse's will in Undertaker's Row. Corvid kidnapped El Borron's parents, but was roundly defeated by Brightling—though not before getting a blow in with the god-wounding sickle Stonecutter.

Later on, Corvid engaged in a scheme to kidnap Alison Corazon, sister of Hector "Eidolon" Corazon, all because Corvid was angry that Eidolon ignored Corvid's demo tapes and request to sing a duet with the musical superstar.

Another time, Corvid was involved in an attempt to infiltrate Hedgewick Academy. Corvid's invisible bird familiars plagued Raptorquill fifth-year Arsenius "Arsenic" Adebayo, until he and his friends tracked the villain down and foiled Corvid's attempt to get away with a cache of mystical glass eyes.

Corvid's gender, and appearance under their bird mask, are as yet undiscovered.


Modern Generation