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Chantsville (Neighborhood)

Chantsville Map

Chantsville is a small neighborhood north of the city's biggest park. It has sections that have fallen on hard times, and sections populated by wealthy hipsters. There's a fairly active arts scene there, with a major music venue (although one always in need of fundraising) and an public library with many active bookclubs.

Chantsville is the home of the Chantsville Crusaders and frequent site of operations by their rival team, the Whisper Syndicate. It is also home to a monster-hunting team consisting of Damario Palomares, Zoe Martinez, Milo, and Heathcliff, who foiled a rehearsal of the Twilight Orchestra at the Concert Hall.

Locations in Chantsville[edit]

  • Vermilion Room Speakeasy
  • The Bravest and the Finest (firefighter and cop bar)
  • Chantsville Concert Hall
  • Chantsville Fire Department (with museum of firefighting)
  • Rockwell Library and Park
  • Vermillion Row Antiques
  • St. Florian's Church (sadly burnt down)
  • Vermillion Row Comics