Catseye jewel

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The Catseye jewel was an artifact of unknown origin that drastically enhanced its bearers connection to felines, possibly through a mystic conduit to the Egyptian goddess Bast. The jewel's power seemed to be exponentially more powerful when in the possession of someone with an existing connection to felines, like the superhero Lynx. The jewel was originally in the possession of Lynx's mother, but she gave it to Mortigern Dunwiche when she realized that she was having difficulty managing its power. The jewel was stolen from a storage unit in what turned into a botched theft when the Scoville Scourge intervened. The jewel was claimed by Lynx for a while, but after learning of her mother's decision to relinquish the jewel due to its power, Lynx decided to leave the jewel in Wildcard's custody. Mortigern Dunwiche thought he retrieved the jewel from Wildcard, but Mortigern only has a glamoured copy of the jewel. The original remains (supposedly) in Wildcard's entirely incapable hands.