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Bellevue (Neighborhood)

Started up in the late fifties as a well to do immigrant's section of the City it was built up with the income of many returning soldiers and people who had come looking to better their lives. As the seventies rolled in the city started going south, with the advent of a super villain group led by the Demagogue taking up residence in the area. This super group was eventually shattered but in a fight which led this portion of the city being greatly damaged in a few blocks. That was when the burgeoning House Scene of the area came together and began to rebuild the place that meant so much to them. During the 80's the neighborhood became a notable spot for the LGBTQ of the City to move into the area. By the 90s the area was the place where Pride took place in New Gauntlet City and a place where people were comfortable to be themselves. However the Hollowed Park incident once again spurred the Houses of Bellevue into action, led by the House of Silq, to start trying to provide support for those locked inside the area as a good number came from Bellevue. This charity has waned over the years through most of New Gauntlet City however Bellevue keeps up these efforts and are one of the few who know of the plight these people still face.

In 2018 the Dead End Queens made themselves known as a force in the city. A force for what is up for debate depending on whom one speaks to.

In 2020 Artemis & the Nobodies were formed as the first solely heroic team of the area.