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AEON After-School Alliance for At-Risk Supers is a pilot program AEON put together to keep young superheroes constructively occupied. Members of the initial team, which named itself Batswarm (Team), include:

  • Brightling, a glamorous Incan princess/goddess and seemingly the leader by default
  • Mephista, a young woman who derives contract-based powers from her mentor, the Guardian Devil
  • Quicksilver, a masked hero concealing her connection the Armstrong crime family
  • El Borron, a young man transformed into a suit-wearing blob of dark matter
  • Framework a brainy inventor with self-made artificial limbs who blames herself for El Borron's transformation
  • Moxy, a troublemaking poor-little-rich-girl with illusion and emotion control powers

The team first came together when they intervened in an AEON training exercise gone wrong. They broke all the AEON regulations but saved Sgt Townsend, thus earning the respect of Raffle from the AEON advisory board of established heroes but also gaining the suspicion of Precinct 13's Captain Anna Mikolas.

AEON organized them into a team and they were tasked by AEON Agent Rockwell with cleaning up the neighborhood of Undertaker's Row. Things went sideways quickly with the team confronted by Rubble Rouser and Corvid, a fight that ended with a building destroyed and some ominous warnings about how the crime lord Mr. Hearse would react. Mephista, meanwhile, was approached by a knowledgable lawyer about making a deal. Quicksilver got a friend of hers out of harm's way but was drawn deeper into her father's criminal endeavors.

Mr. Hearse, indeed, made a move against the team by kidnapping El Borron's parents. Moxy and Mephista met with Ozroch and Moxy tried to trick the demon but ended up signing a contract with them. When the team confronted Mr. Hearse in a graveyard, they managed to beat the superstrong crime boss and save El Borron's family from Corvid. Moxy used her newfound demon powers to consign Mr. Hearse to hell. Brightling, aware her grandmother was working hard to pair her off with another god, proposed marriage to El Borron (in the belief that, with his inhuman form, he could pass as a godly fiancé in front of her family).

Batswarm the team is not to be confused with "Batswarm," aka Camazotz, a god of bats and suitor to Brightling. The team had nicknamed him "Batswarm" and Cori, when put on the spot to tell Sgt Townsend the team name, reused that nickname as the team designation. The young superheroes seem to have embraced it.


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