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Axiel (silver)

Axiel, Hero of Salderia, grew up in a distant solar system where his people were locked in a brutal intergalactic war. Both sides committed atrocities, but the Salderians lost, their planet destroyed. Axiel, one of the few survivors, fled to Earth.

Horrified by the war he barely escaped, Axiel pledged to safeguard his new home and founded the Legion of Valor. To continue the legacy of the Salderians, he built robots in the image of the human children of his adopted home. Axiel planned to teach them all he knew in the hope that, one day, they might continue his mission. But that day came far too soon, and ISAAC-003 was his only work to survive the Citadel’s destruction, his culture’s last creation.

Axiel was created by James Stuart for his RPG Legacies.


Silver Generation