Asi Academy

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Asi Academy is located in Midtown neighborhood in New Gauntlet City. The administration staff had trouble dealing with some kind of alien-created drug that gave kids weird powers. The street name of this drug is Blue Juice.


  • Celine Holland - creeper who turns invisible when she uses Blue Juice
  • Betty Benevides - cute and clever manipulator and back row popular girl
  • Ichabod "The Bod" Malone - 6'3" muscular jock and bully wanna-be who was pantsed by the AEON team multiple times
  • Hunter "Snake" Jamison - leather jacket-wearing, forearm tattoo-having punk who's on some Blue Juice
  • Akim Abukar - glasses-wearing nerdy guy who almost took Blue Juice when The Bod was picking on him


  • Mr. Whitaker - super boring Social Studies teacher, likes the smell of chalk... Blue Juice Mastermind?!?
  • Coach Holtsclaw - gym teacher, football and basketball coach, former college sports star