Artemis & the Nobodies

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Artemis & the Nobodies (team)

Located in the Drama Dome in Bellevue is the team calling itself Artemis & the Nobodies. Their theater of majesty is owned by the God-hero Quetzalcoatl who decided his Pink Zone needed it's own dedicated hero group and reached out to a select few chosen for their very spirit of heroism. These defenders of pride are the best a God could ask for and are currently learning their rivals the Dead End Queens are not as wicked as they first seemed.

After uncovering the truth behind Solomon Industries involvement in cyborg weapons known as Phobos & Deimos, formerly believed to be products of theThe American Empire, Artemis & The Nobodies tried to bring civilians from the AE back to Gauntlet City. They succeeded but Holo did not make it through.


  • Artemis, aka Sonja or Sonny, the child of Andromache, child of Penthesilea, all Amazon Warriors blessed by Goddesses. Claiming their own identity in the face of their family's expectations. Romantically linked to Tina the Terrible
  • Holo, an eerie variable projecting himself from deep within the American Empire into our world. Currently missing following the team's attempt to bring him back to Gauntlet City.
  • Null, aka Alan Garcia, a masked hero who is a part of this team because of his former actions and his brother, Void. Currently back working as an intern at AEON's SENSE ("Scientific Examination of Non-Standard Entities") facility under Professor Henry.
  • Void, aka Victor Garcia, another masked hero who is the other half of a dynamic duo and tied intricately to the team. Romantically linked to Blue Rose of the Dead End Queens. Determined to be himself no matter what.


Modern Generation